Everyone is welcome to attend Johrei services which are usually followed by a potluck lunch. You are invited to bring your favorite dish and join us for a relaxing time of getting acquainted.

Appreciation and Balancing Ceremony (ABC):
Held on the second Sunday of every month at 10:30am. The ABC includes prayer, group Johrei, the offering of rice, salt, water, fruit, and vegetables, music, and sharing and messages by ministers or members.

New Year Celebration:
Held at 10:30am on New Year's Day. This Celebration includes a tea ceremony as well as the opportunity to purchase Rev. Ajiki's traditional Japanese calligraphy symbols (kanji) for attendees. These beautiful symbols, when framed and displayed, act to bring the spirit or meaning of each word to both the home and its residents for the upcoming year. The suggested donation is $30.00.

Paradise on Earth Celebration:
Usually held on the Sunday before June 15th at 10:30am. June 15th, 1931 is the day Meishu-sama believed was the beginning of the New Age of Civilization.

Meishu-sama's Birthday Celebration:
Usually held at 10:30am at the regular December ABC.

Ancestral Services:
Held once a year, in the spring, as part of the regular ABC service. At this service, we honor and pray for family members and friends in the spiritual realm.


Membership Course:
While all are welcome to visit the center and receive Johrei, the membership course is taken in order to become a member of the Johrei Fellowship. This set of interactive classes is open to individuals who have received Johrei at the center at least 20 times within a two month period and have met at least once with the center Head, Rev. Gerry Nangle. The course includes two days of instruction and covers the principles and practices of Johrei and how to live according to universal spiritual laws. Participants are asked to read two short books beforehand. The course also includes a Sangetsu flower arranging class and flower arrangement to take home. The class concludes with a ceremony where the Sacred Focal Point is presented.

A Johrei member wears a Sacred Focal Point, or sealed locket, which contains the calligraphy for "Light" and is imbued with Divine Light. This infuses the spiritual body and allows the member to channel Johrei to others. A Johrei member is someone who is committed to living according to the principles of Johrei. This includes practicing a healthful lifestyle, giving service to others, and studying the teachings of Mokichi Okada. Johrei members come from all faiths and all walks of life. The membership course is offered periodically and costs $200. Please contact us if you are interested in taking the Membership course.

Advanced Classes:
Those who have completed the membership course may continue their studies by attending advanced classes which are held at various times throughout the year. Each class is self-contained and you may begin with any class. A donation is suggested for advanced classes.

Esoteric Teachings:
These teachings regarding the spiritual world, God's mystical plan, and esoteric teachings of Meishu-sama are available to those who have completed the beginning classes. They are held at various times throughout the year. A donation is suggested for these classes.

Flower Arranging Classes (Sangetsu):
Sangetsu classes are open to all, whether or not you have taken the Membership course or have ever received Johrei. These workshops are usually held monthly. Flowers and supplies are provided and there is a class fee of $25.00.