“Johrei,” said founder Mokichi Okada, “endeavors to raise the individual to a more enlightened state of consciousness. The invisible Light of God, focused through Johrei, reaches the inner soul and transforms it even when received with a skeptical attitude. It awakens our divine nature by bringing it into direct contact with the Light of the Spirit.”

Every Johrei member has a special focal point which is worn on a cord or chain around the neck. This sealed locket is worn inside the clothing an contains the calligraphy (kanji) for “Light.”

It serves to magnify the energy of Johrei, making it more available. In addition, every Johrei center contains a dedicated Scroll that emanates very high vibrations and acts as a focal point for that center. People do not worship the Scroll; rather, they worship before it. To align themselves with its vibration, givers bow to Spirit in front of the Scroll before giving Johrei. This also recognizes the Law of Order in Johrei: divine energy comes from God and the individual simply serves as a focus.

Johrei members are not “healers,” they simply focus divine purifying energy during a Johrei session. Members are not authorized to diagnose illness or any other condition, nor to recommend changes in medication or diet.


During a typical Johrei session, you will be invited to sit comfortably facing the Johrei member, who will sit with his/her back to the Scroll. The member may ask you if you are experiencing anything specific that you’d like him/her to concentrate on. Before beginning, the member will put their hands together, bow their head, and say a silent prayer asking that the energy serve you for the greatest good. You may join the member in focusing the energy in a silent prayer to open yourself to the universal energy for purification of spirit, mind, and body, or you may simply take this time to center yourself. You need not think about anything special while receiving Johrei, however it helps to maintain a quiet mind if possible, visualizing spiritual light as it is focused for your benefit. Most receivers also find that closing their eyes during the session helps in maintaining a quiet mind. Generally, Johrei is given without speaking, but if you have a question or concern during a session, please speak up.

Without touching you, the Johrei member will raise one hand and direct the energy towards your forehead, head, throat, chest, and abdomen from the front, for five to ten minutes. You will then be asked to face the opposite direction for about another fifteen minutes. The energy will be directed toward the back of your head, your shoulders, your kidneys, and several areas along your spine. These are called the vital points of Johrei. They act as distribution centers for your spiritual and physical bodies. You may feel warmth, tingling, or other sensations as Johrei is given to you, or you may simply feel a sense of spreading relaxation or peacefulness. You will then be asked to face the front once again, and here you can join the Johrei giver in a final silent prayer of gratitude.

The Johrei member will then bow again before the Scroll. You may do the same or sit quietly and assess your feelings if you like. You are invited to ask any questions you may have and to return to the Center as often as you desire. You will never be pressured to learn about Johrei or to join the organization.

If you are new to Johrei, it is not necessary for you to bow before the Scroll or perform any action that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable. In fact, you need not even believe in God for Johrei to benefit you. You may want to view Johrei as the simple transfer of universal energy for your well-being. We merely ask that you respect our customs while at the center.


Universal energy, or the divine light, when focused on the spiritual body of an individual, dispels “spiritual clouds” or negativity from the spiritual body. This in turn raises the spiritual vibration, thereby causing reactions in the spiritual, mental, and physical bodies. Through the process of Johrei, the spirit is uplifted and the divine nature unfolds itself more and more, causing the finest spiritual qualities of the individual to come to the fore. The mind becomes properly focused, relieving it from confusion.

When clouds are dispelled from the spiritual body, toxins in the physical body dissolve and are eliminated to a large extent. Pain or discomfort felt by the individual is part of the purifying process and Johrei accelerates this process, bringing it to an end more quickly.

Any individual, when properly prepared, can focus this universal energy. The intensity may differ according to the level of the individual’s awareness, but it is possible for any individual to focus it effectively.

The use of universal spiritual energy is not limited to human beings. Many plants which have been weakened from insect blights, extremes of weather, or other destructive forces have been revived through Johrei, and the quality of the soil itself has been improved. When the seeds and the soil have become sufficiently purified, a considerable improvement is seen in the quality and quantity of crops too. There are also numerous cases of Johrei helping sick or injured animals.

For information on how to become a Johrei member, please see the Services & Classes page.


There is no charge for Johrei. You will never be asked for money. However, the organization is run entirely on freewill donations.

Any monetary offering of appreciation is gratefully accepted and envelopes are available should you wish to make a contribution. Any member can show you how to make a donation, as well as how to place a special prayer for yourself or someone else on the altar. Donations can also be made online HERE.