Gerry Nangle

Rev. Gerry Nangle:
Rev. Gerry Nangle is the Tucson Center Head. She has been a Johrei minister for almost ten years. She came to Johrei through her background in energy work and Eastern studies.

Henry Ajiki

Rev. Henry Ajiki

Rev. Henry Ajiki has been a Johrei minister for over fifty years. Trained by Mokichi Okada in Japan, he came to the United States following World War II. He is also an accomplished Sangetsu flower arranger and instructor. Rev. Ajiki is retired and acts as a senior advisor for the center.

Tom Kesaji

Tom Kesaji
Tom Kesaji is a lay minister trainee for the center.

"When the time has come that nations are united under one God as one world, the Golden Age will be a reality."

Mokichi Okada

standing in front of the altar