Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), also known as Meishu-sama, was a Japanese philosopher and spiritual leader as well as a poet, artist, businessman, husband, and father. In 1935, he founded what is now called the Johrei Fellowship. Since that time his inspired vision of a new civilization of truth, virtue, and beauty has guided and enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

The mission and goals of the Johrei Fellowship are based upon revelations Meishu-sama experienced concerning God's purpose for this world. Meishu-sama believe that the scientific side of civilization has made great strides while the spiritual aspects have lagged behind and that this lag causes many of the problems we experience today, he taught ways to help advance and improve our civilization by bringing spiritual science up to the level of present-day material science. He believed that the time has arrived for human beings to actively work to fulfill God's plan to bring both aspects into balance so that they can progress together, evenly and harmoniously. A true civilization will then emerge where everyone can attain spiritual peace and material happiness simultaneously, rather than one at the expense of the other.

Meishu-sama taught that we can learn to raise our spiritual vibrations to prepare for this new age in various ways. These include giving and receiving Johrei, giving of ourselves in service to others, bringing art and beauty into our daily lives, and properly caring for our physical health and the environment.

Focusing Johrei, the Divine Light of God, is prayer in action. When enough individuals have undergone the necessary changes caused by receiving as well as giving this Light, the earth will become free of disease, conflict, and poverty. At that time, a spiritually balanced civilization of high development and remarkable achievement can evolve.

Meishu-sama's vision was to create a world of peace, health, and prosperity for us all - a Paradise on Earth. His loving vision continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.


The three major practices involved in "living Johrei" are: Johrei Healing, Nature Farming, and Appreciation of Art and Beauty.

Johrei Healing
"Johrei," said founder Mokichi Okada, "endeavors to raise the individual to a more enlightened state of consciousness. The invisible Light of God, focused through Johrei, reaches the inner soul and transforms it, even when received with a skeptical attitude. It awakens our divine nature by bringing it into direct contact with the Light of the Spirit." For more information, please see the Receiving Johrei page.

Nature Farming
We respect nature and the natural energy of the soil. Nature Farming, like organic farming, does not utilize artificial fertilizers or pesticides. However, Nature Farming does not incorporate animal manure or waste products as soil amendments. Based on the views of Japanese philosopher Mokichi Okada (Meishu-sama), Nature Farming adherents profess five principles:
1) Produce safe and nutritious food that ensures good health.
2) Be economically and spiritually beneficial to both producers and consumers.
3) Be sustainable and easily practiced.
4) Conserve and protect the environment.
5) Produce sufficient food of high quality for an expanding world population.

These five requirements of Nature Farming reflect Mokichi Okada's goals for food safety, quality, and nutrition. Additionally, environmental conservation is a high priority. Mokichi Okada’s scientific perspective includes a spiritual dynamic not commonly encountered in contemporary scholarship but practiced for thousands of years in Eastern cultures. In 1941 Okada did some experiments and concluded, "If we grow crops with love and respect towards the natural power of the soil, the soil will function to an astonishing degree. All the difficult problems and troubles that harass both farmers and consumers today can be solved through this method of cultivation."

Appreciation of Art and Beauty
Mokichi Okada often stressed the importance of appreciating art and beauty for spiritual fulfillment. He believed that beautiful things -- whether they are paintings, symphonies, literary works, gardens, or architecture -- embody active forces that can have positive effects on human beings. Okada promoted a spiritual approach to life through beauty and taught that it has the power to transform -- to purify the spirit and evoke the highest qualities of character from within. He also taught that nature is the greatest teacher of truth and beauty.

In following with this philosophy, Mokichi Okada often used flower arranging to bring beauty into daily life. The Sangetsu School of Flower Arranging was inspired by Okada's teachings. Sangetsu classes and workshops are currently offered all over the world.


Johrei (jo-RAY): Japanese for "purify the spirit." Johrei purifies the spirit of the recipient by intensifying or focusing divine light or universal energy through the instrument of the human body.

Meishu-sama (MAY-shoe-sam-a): Japanese for "Enlightened Spiritual Leader;" the title used for Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), the founder of the Johrei Fellowship.

Izunome: The balanced cross that is the official symbol and registered trademark of the Johrei Fellowship. The symbol depicts the three energies of fire, water, and soil which are combined in Johrei. It also represents the universal law that the spiritual precedes the physical, that the physical world and the spiritual world are one, and that by putting spirit first, we can change the whole world.

Sangetsu: Japanese-style flower arranging [Click Here to Learn More About Sangetsu]

Purification: the manifestation of the universal principle that states whenever an accumulation of negativity occurs, a cleansing action takes place. Purification can take many forms including emotional, physical, mental, and financial. It is a natural way of restoring the rhythmic balance we call health and a positive sign that harmful substances and circumstances are being eliminated.

Spiritual clouds: Spiritual clouds are formed by negative thoughts, words and deeds, the accumulation of toxins in our bodies, and also they can be inherited. These toxins include certain medicine or drugs, impure food and environmental toxins. Most people have spiritual clouds that they have accumulated consciously or unconsciously. Johrei enables one to eliminate these clouds more quickly.

Focal Point: A sealed locket containing a replica of Meishu-sama's calligraphy for "Light." The focal point focuses divine light or universal energy like a magnifying glass focuses the light of the sun.

Amatsu-Norito: An ancient Japanese chant or prayer that asks God to cleanse the spiritual realm by dispelling spiritual clouds that have accumulated there.

Sacred Scroll: The scroll that displays the calligraphy (kanji) for "Bright Light" and serves as a focus of divine energy for the Center

Law of Order: Everything first originates in the spiritual realm and later manifests on the physical plane in a cause-and-effect relationship.